Utility Monitoring and Reporting


The County will work with utilities to improve energy reporting formats and more specific metering. The County hopes to integrate metering information with a system that would allow users to monitor their energy output in near real-time.

What we’re doing:

Custom Facility Reports
The County is working with SDG&E to create a system that will provide custom energy usage reports to facility managers. The manager of a courthouse, for example, would receive an e-mail about the building’s energy consumption. It would contain charts and graphs showing energy use throughout the day. He or she could then compare weekday usage to weekend or holiday usage to search for irregularities.

Improving Bill Formats
Utility bills are irregular and vary widely between companies. Varying formats and confusing units make dealing with bills increasingly unmanageable for number crunchers. The County will work with SDG&E and others to smooth out issues that foster clerical errors and incorrect data entry.