Property for Sale

Vacant Land – 2800 Loker Avenue East, Carlsbad APN 209-083-12-00

Assessor Parcel Number: 209-083-12-00

Location:  2800 block of Loker Avenue East, Carlsbad, California

Maps:  Location Map

Size:  2.0 acres

Description:  The property is one of two remaining undeveloped lots in the 38 lot Carlsbad Oaks East Business Park.  The parcel was acquired by the County in October 2004 in exchange for granting of a right-of-way easement and a conservation easement to the City of Carlsbad. It is not identified in the current Airport Layout Plan for McClellan-Palomar Airport and was not deed restricted to the County.

Zoning:  Current zoning is P-M (Planned Industrial)

Comments:  The County of San Diego is accepting purchase proposals for this property.  The minimum bid price is $ 1,850,000.  A $55,000 deposit or 3% of the purchase price is required.

The sale of the property is subject to a bid opening to be conducted during a meeting of the County Board of Supervisors and is subject to Board approval.  Interested parties will be notified when the sale of the property is being considered by the Board of Supervisors. Unsolicited offers are accepted prior to the bid opening.

For further information please contact:         

 County of San Diego
 Real Estate Services Division
 Attention: Sara Isgur, Senior Real Property Agent
 5560 Overland Avenue, Suite 410
 San Diego, California  92123
 Phone number: (858) 694-2314