Feeling Fit Club

For more information send us an email or leave a message at 858-495-5500

Various sites throughout San Diego County are offering this functional fitness class as part of a comprehensive program addressing the exercise and socialization components of wellness. All classes are one hour in duration and meet two-three times each week. Exercises are designed to strengthen major muscle groups with emphasis on posture, gait, and functional fitness. Participants progress from lighter to heavier weights, as muscles and joints adapt. All moves can be performed from a seated position, although participants are encouraged to stand for most of the class.

What do we expect to accomplish with this program?

The goals of the Feeling Fit Club are to offer a safe, comfortable environment for older adults to engage in physical activity as well as to help older people develop and maintain their level of physical fitness. These programs also encourage social interaction, fun, and help to build self-esteem. In addition, this program helps to educate participants about the benefits of exercise, health, and fitness components.

The expected outcome for each participant is improvement in his/her ability to maintain independence and activities of daily living as well as:

  • Better balance
  • Less falls
  • Increased strength
  • Better sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Better digestion
  • And more resistance to chronic illnesses

To find your nearest Feeling Fit Club, click here.

You can also do the program at home by watching it on the County’s TV station or online

For seniors for whom this schedule does not fit their daily routine, or if they are frustrated with the show getting pre-empted, the DVD can be sent to them along with a stretch band for home exercise. The DVD/Video is exactly the same as the TV show (all 5 episodes).

For more information or to order a DVD either call 858-495-5500 or send us an email.