Intergenerational Programs

Aging & Independence Services seeks to bring older adults and youth together in meaningful activities and services for the mutual benefit of both age groups.

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About Intergenerational Programs

People often think of intergenerational programs as a luxury... a nice recreational activity. That attitude hampers our ability to solve some of this community's most pressing social problems. Look at the struggling single-parent families or families at risk because of drug/alcohol problems or domestic violence. Look at the violent youths, some who join gangs and others who seethe in silence until they erupt. Look at the numbers of isolated seniors and the high rate of suicide in that age group.

All these talented people are suffering and alone. When we ignore these situations, the community ends up suffering because of them. We must learn to value the potential in persons of all ages and bring them together for mutual benefit. They may have solutions to some of our toughest dilemmas, and we must give elders and youth an opportunity to learn from one another.

Intergenerational programs are not a luxury; they're a necessity. If we don't weave all ages into the fabric of our lives, we're left with a much weaker San Diego County. Tapping into the strengths of each person, no matter the age, should be a community goal.

The object of Aging & Independence Service's Intergenerational Program is to help communities look for intergenerational opportunities in their planning and development, and help turn those ideas into reality.

Examples include the San Pasqual Academy Neighbors program where older adults live near the campus in reduced-rent homes in exchange for mentoring the foster teens attending the academy.

To learn more about intergenerational programs in San Diego County, click here.


For more information send us an email or phone 858-495-5769