Aging & Disability Resource Connection (ADRC)



What is the ADRC?

San Diego County’s Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) is a shared, core partnership between the County of San Diego’s Aging & Independence Services (AIS), the County’s Area Agency on Aging (AAA), and Access to Independence, the local Independent Living Center (ILC).  San Diego County’s ADRC provides persons of all ages, abilities, and incomes and their caregivers and service providers with free, comprehensive information about long term services and supports (LTSS), streamlined access to important programs, resources, services, planning and communication tools, transitions service and application assistance for entitlement programs. In a nutshell the ADRC Core Services are:

  • Enhanced Information and Assistance 
  • Options Counseling 
  • Short-Term Service Coordination 
  • Transitions Service 

ADRC Advisory Committee

The ADRC Advisory Committee was formed in 2010 to provide guidance regarding the operations of the ADRC; recommend and adopt program strategies to enhance and sustain the ADRC; and address program and policy issues related to the ADRC on a quarterly basis.  The San Diego County ADRC Advisory Committee is comprised of approximately 15 members, 20% of whom are consumers and/or consumer representatives.  The ADRC Advisory Committee is chaired by an AIS Advisory Council member and consists of: AIS Advisory Council Members, Access to Independence’s Executive Director, AIS’ Long Term Care Integration Project Manager, AIS’ Call Center Manager, representatives from diverse community-based organizations, consumers of ADRC services, caregivers and others recommended by the group.  The Committee Chair drafts the meeting agenda, which is then reviewed and approved by core partners prior to distribution to the group; an AIS Administrative Secretary takes minutes for meetings to document discussion and action items.

San Diego County's ADRC Mission & Vision

Mission: The Mission of the San Diego County Aging and Disability Resource Connection is to empower our community to live independently with dignity and security by facilitating easy access to quality services and supports offered through an integrated network of trusted partners committed to self-directed, community-based healthcare and social service solutions that work to keep our community healthy, safe and thriving.

Vision: The San Diego County Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) is the trusted no wrong door for information, assistance, support and access to community-based long-term services and supports that champion health, independence, safety and enhanced quality of life for all.


San Diego County’s ADRC was one of the first in California and the nation.  Established in 2004, San Diego County’s ADRC was built on the foundation of the AIS Call Center, the gateway to a fully integrated service delivery system of more than thirty different programs for older adults and persons with any disabilities or vulnerabilities.  In 2006, Access to Independence was awarded a grant from the California Department of Aging to join AIS as a full partner in the ADRC. The welcomed partnership has enhanced both agencies' effectiveness to serve younger disabled individuals and older adults, improved their ability to make referrals to programs and services, and strengthened their assessment capabilities that has facilitated enrollment of consumers in entitlement programs.  In addition, enhancements to the Network of Care website, the virtual arm of San Diego County’s ADRC, has extended the reach of the ADRC and supported the delivery of core services.  

San Diego County’s ADRC has a long history of working collaboratively with local agencies and community stakeholders.  Established under the Long Term Care Integration Project (LTCIP) to help improve the fragmented delivery system by addressing access and resource needs of consumers, their caregivers and service providers, San Diego County’s ADRC has continually engaged LTCIP stakeholders to provide input about ADRC programs and services and how they can better meet community needs.

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The ADRC includes the AIS Call Center, Access to Independence and our "virtual network," Network of Care.

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