Regional Coalitions


San Diego County Regional Coalition

In December 2015 the Long Term Care Integration Project (LTCIP) was awarded another two-year grant from The SCAN Foundation to serve as the Regional Aging and Disability Service and Advocacy Coalition (Regional Coalition) for San Diego County.  The LTCIP is continuing to carry on the great work accomplished by the San Diego Senior Alliance who served in this role from 2011 - 2013.  

In total the SCAN Foundation supports and facilitates collaboration among 22 Regional Coalitions from across the State to work collectively to transform California’s system of long-term services and supports.  The Regional Coalitions have ample opportunity to enhance their capacity to influence system transformation by engaging and leveraging their resources through monthly policy-focused conference calls, as well as by attending four Community of Constituents Conferences during the 24-month grant period.   

The SCAN Foundation's Community of Constituents

The Community of Constituents is an initiative spearheaded by The SCAN Foundation that is building a statewide movement to transform the system of care so that all Californians can age with dignity, choice and independence.  The Regional Coalitions are joined by The California Collaborative for Long Term Services and Supports (California Collaborative), a coalition comprised of more than 30 statewide organizations that represent, serve or advocate for seniors and persons with disabilities, to comprise the Community of Constituents.  More than 130 organizations, including community-based organizations, aging and disability service and advocacy coalitions, and consumer and provider organizations representing millions of Californians who are working at local, regional and statewide levels to improve the health care and supportive services for older adults and people with disabilities are represented on the Community of Constituents.   

The California Collaborative's Mission and Guiding Principles

The California Collaborative (Collaborative) advocates for the dignity, health and independence of Californians regardless of age who experience disabilities, functional limitations or chronic conditions and who use long-term services and supports. The Collaborative believes that California needs a system of high-quality, cost-effective long-term services and supports that strengthen the person, their family, caregivers, circles of support as well as the community at large.   The Collaborative will use several strategies, including public education and awareness, to further its mission to support a person’s well-being and social participation, promote economic independence, prevent impoverishment and remove barriers to employment.  

The Long Term Care Integration Project stakeholders endorse the collaborative's vision of a System of Long-Term Services and Supports that is based on the following Ten Principles:

Dignity: The services are grounded in respect for the person who uses them and driven by the preferences of that person.

Choice: Access to all types of services is provided on an equal footing.

Flexibility: The services are comprehensive and flexible enough to meet changing needs and incorporate new modes of service and supports.

Quality: Public funding and oversight that values and rewards high-quality care.

Legality: The services are consistent with the legal rights of individuals who use them.

Cultural Competence: The services are appropriate and responsive to the needs of unserved and underserved populations.

Accessibility: The services and information about them are easy to locate and use and are physically and programmatically accessible.

Affordability: The services are cost-effective for the person and the system.

Inclusive: The system recognizes and supports the crucial role of high-quality paid and unpaid caregivers, including family caregivers, and emphasizes the importance of workforce development and training.

Independence: The services support maximum independence, full social integration and quality of life.