About Mobile Crisis Response Teams (MCRT)

If you need help with a behavioral health crisis or know someone who does, call the Access & Crisis Line
(888) 724-7240

Thousands of calls involving a behavioral health crisis are made annually to law enforcement agencies. However, many of these calls do not require law enforcement intervention and deployment of behavioral health professionals can be a more effective solution in addressing non-violent behavioral health situations. 

The County of San Diego Behavioral Health Services (BHS) department launched a Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) program designed to help people who are experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis by dispatching behavioral health experts to emergency calls instead of law enforcement, when appropriate. MCRT services are available countywide serving individuals of all ages. Services are provided by Exodus Recovery, Inc. in the North Coastal region and by Telecare Corporation in the remaining regions. The map below includes the zip codes included in each region for reference. 


MCRTs are comprised of licensed mental health clinicians, case managers, and peer support specialists who can respond to behavioral health crisis calls that do not involve known threats of violence or medical emergencies. These clinical teams provide assessments, de-escalation, and connect the individual to appropriate services. Transportation to local services is also available, if needed.   

To minimize stigma associated with behavioral health conditions, teams include peer support specialists who utilize their lived experience to engage with people in crisis and help them feel more comfortable. Services provide a non-law enforcement response in a manner that is responsive to and respectful of community and individual needs. If a situation evolves and requires the presence of law enforcement, team members can call for assistance and PERT (a clinician/law enforcement team), or other uniformed personnel, will be dispatched.

Watch MCRT in Action