MCRT Frequently Asked Questions

This page features frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) program and is updated regularly. 

MCRT is being rolled out in a phased approach by region. Current service regions include:

  • North Coastal*
  • North Central
  • Central
  • South

Click here to expand the regional map shown below to see zip codes included in each region. MCRT will be implemented in the remaining North Inland and East regions over the next few months.

*Note - services in the North Coastal region are provided by Exodus Recovery, Inc. and currently serves ages 18 and older only, with plans to serve all ages by November 2021. Services in the remaining regions are provided by Telecare Corporation and are available for all ages.

Teams are currently deployed via the Access and Crisis Line (888-724-7240). Service to the remaining areas of the county will be rolled-out in a phased approach with estimated completion by winter of 2021.

HHSA and Zipcode Map

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Page last updated 10/08/21