Behavioral Health Services Quality Improvement Unit

Quality Improvement Unit


Quality Improvement reports are available on the Technical Resource Library, Section 6.

The purpose of the SDCBHS QI Unit is to ensure that all clients and families receive the highest quality and most cost-effective mental health, substance use, and administrative services available.


The QI Unit delineates the structures and processes that will be used to monitor and evaluate the quality of mental health and substance abuse services provided.  The QI Unit encompasses the efforts of clients, family members, clinicians, mental health advocates, substance abuse treatment programs, quality improvement personnel, and other stakeholders.

The following are components of the QI Unit structure:

  • Executive Quality Improvement Team (EQIT)

The EQIT is responsible for implementing the QI Unit, responding to recommendations from the Quality Review Council (QRC), and identifying and initiating quality improvement activities.  The EQIT consists of BHS Director, BHS Clinical Director, Assistant Deputy Directors, and QI Chief.  The EQIT reviews Serious Incidents and Grievances routinely.


  • Quality Improvement Performance Improvement Team (QI PIT)

The QI Unit includes the SDCBHS QI PIT, which monitors targeted aspects of care on an on-going basis and produces reports monthly, quarterly, or annually.  High-volume, high-frequency, and high-risk areas of client care are given priority.  So opportunities for improvement can be identified, the QI PIT collects data which are analyzed over time and used to measure against goals and objectives.  Reports in each of these areas are periodically brought to the EQIT and QRC for input.


  • Quality Management (QM) Team

The QM team is another component of the QI Unit and is comprised of Quality Improvement Specialists—licensed therapists and clinicians—who conduct a variety of reviews, audits, trainings, and other quality improvement functions for both County-operated and County-contracted programs.


  • Management Information Services (MIS) Team

The MIS team—another component of the QI Unit—provides data management and systems support to BHS client management system users, including but not limited to service providers, administrative and support staff, and BHS staff.


  • Quality Review Council (QRC)

The QI Unit includes the QRC, which is a standing body charged with the responsibility to provide recommendations regarding the quality improvement activities for mental health and the QIWP.  The QRC meets at least quarterly, and the members are clients or family members, as well as stakeholders, from the behavioral health communities across all regions.  The QRC provides advice and guidance to SDCBHS on developing the annual QIWP, including identification of additional methods for including clients in quality improvement activities; collection, review, interpretation, and evaluation of quality improvement activities; consideration of options for improvement based upon the report data; and recommendations for system improvement and policy changes.

–        Quality Improvement Committees (QICs)

The QICs are subcommittees of the QRC composed of QRC members and QI staff.  Subcommittee minutes and activities are monitored by the QRC.  The current QRC Subcommittees are:

o     QRC Membership Committee

o     Serious Incidents (ad hoc committee)