HHSA/BHS Ten Year Roadmap

December 31, 2018 Update

In July 2016, the Board of Supervisors accepted HHSA Ten Year Roadmap for Behavioral Health Services (Roadmap). The Roadmap document outlines a strategic plan which seeks to address the most serious behavioral health issues affecting San Diego County over the next ten years.

The Roadmap is a dynamic, living document, updated annually to incorporate new priorities from our community partners and HHSA/Behavioral Health Services (BHS) leadership. The Roadmap includes 12 Priority areas of focus, including:

  • Aging Population
  • Care Coordination
  • Children & Youth Population
  • Crisis Services
  • Homeless Population
  • Justice-Involved Population
  • Long-Term Care
  • Organized Delivery System for Substance Use Disorders
  • Prevention
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Unserved & Underserved Populations
  • Workforce Delivery System for Substance Use Disorders

Each of these 12 Priorities has an audacious Ten Year Vision, with clear Strategies that outline efforts to achieve the Vision. Click here to view the Ten Year Roadmap: Year Three.

The Roadmap continues to guide HHSA/BHS planning in providing quality services and to empower all individuals with behavioral health needs to live healthy, safe and thriving lives aligned with the County’s vision of Live Well San Diego.