DMC-ODS Training Requirements

Before enrolling in County/State sponsored training, check with your Program Manager.  You may have additional training requirements or additional training options established by your program.

Click on the link provided to the right of the training for more information about registering.


All All personnel (Employees, Subcontractors/Consultants, Interns, and Volunteers)
Tx LPHA; License Eligible LPHA; Nurses; Certified/Registered SUD Counselors; Clinical Supervisors
Docu Personnel engaged in or supervising documentation activities
UA Personnel engaged in drug testing
PM Program Management
Peri Perinatal program personnel
Teen Adolescent program personnel
ResWM Personnel monitoring Residential WM
Annual Trainings Who Must Complete? Training Link
Beneficiary Rights Direct Webinar
Communicable Diseases All Program discretion
Confidentiality Direct RIHS
CPR, Infant CPR, AED, First Aid (Biennial - every 2 years) Direct Program discretion
Cultural Competency including CLAS All Minimum 4 hours annually via RIHS, in-service, or outside trainings
National Voter Registration (NVRA) Direct BHS Webpage
Perinatal Services Network Guidelines Peri Webinar
Youth Treatment Guidelines Teen & Peri Webinar
One-Time Trainings Who Must Complete? Training Link
ASAM (Complete one series: Criteria A-C or Modules 1-2)

Personnel who perform intake, assessment, and/or treatment planning

(must be completed prior to providing these services)

Criteria A: Webinar Part 1
  Webinar Part 2
Criteria B: Webinar Part 1
  Webinar Part 2
Criteria C: Click here to register


Module 1: Change Companies
Module 2: Change Companies
CalOMS Web-based training All CalOMS users DHCS website
CADRE Training Series At least 1 current staff CADRE
CWS 101 Teen & Peri RIHS
CYF SOC Teen & Peri RIHS
Disaster Worker Training Maintain at least 25% of personnel trained RIHS
Drug Testing Protocols UA Program discretion
Enhanced Case Management Docu RIHS
MI Overview (full day training) Tx RIHS or Program Discretion
MI Skills (half day training) Tx RIHS or Program Discretion
Program Integrity PM Optum
Relapse Prevention (full day training) Tx RIHS
Trauma Informed Care Direct RIHS or Program Discretion
SanWITS and SSRS All SanWITS users Contact SanWITS Support
Withdrawal Management - Residential ResWM RIHS

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