Behavioral Health Services Management Information Systems

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Management Information Systems  

San Diego County Behavioral Health Services Management Information Systems (MIS) is a unit within the Quality Improvement Department of Behavioral Health Services (BHS).  MIS manages information technology to: better coordinate client care, provide State reporting and outcome measures, bill Medi-Cal/Medicare and other payors, and perform a wide range of managed care functions for our Mental Health (MH) and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) programs.  Our technology system used to ensure a continuum of care for vulnerable children, youth, adults, and seniors for MH services is a fully certified Electronic Health Record (EHR).  MIS provides access to  the EHR, coordinates access to training, and monitors data integrity,privacy and security.  In addition, MIS manages the technology system for SUD treatment services by providing access to the system, supporting users with system trainings, and the support and access to the Department of Health Services Drug and Alcohol Treatment Access Report (DATAR) web application.


The MIS unit continuously evaluates current systems and emerging technology to better serve the County of San Diego.  More information can be obtained via the Behavioral Health Services Technical Resources Library (TRL). Please see the Organizational Provider Operations Handbook (OPOH) and the Substance Use Disorder Provider Operations Handbook (SUDPOH) on the TRL 


For administrative information or to provide feedback about this page, contact BHS Administration via email or phone 619-563-2700.