Child and Family Well-Being 


The new Child and Family Well-Being (CFWB) Department will integrate the First 5 Commission of San Diego and Child Welfare Services, along with the childcare system and other essential resources for families, to reimagine prevention and protection services to create a partnership that will shift our traditional approach to child protection.

The new CFWB Department is an extraordinary reimagining of CWS in the County of San Diego that aims to fundamentally shift how children, youth, families, and communities are supported. The goal is to provide family strengthening and prevention services to families in a more holistic and integrated way, through keeping families together, holding the family’s voice as the expert in how to best keep their children safe, and reducing unnecessary child protective actions that have historically harmed and separated families.

If further involvement is needed, CWS will continue to be present to provide protection services for children and families to ensure that foster care is a support for families, not a replacement.

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