There were 38,653 abuse/neglect reports made to the San Diego County Child Abuse Hotline in 2019/20. To report child abuse or neglect cases, call 858-560-2191. #ChildAbusePreventionMonth #ThrivingFamilies


April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The most important thing we can do to help children thrive is to support families before they reach a crisis. Call 211 for support and resources. #ChildAbusePreventionMonth #ThrivingFamilies


You can prevent child abuse by helping parents be the best moms and dads they can be. Sometimes parents need a little encouragement and guidance. You can be their bright spot in the darker times. Call 211 for support and resources. #ChildAbusePreventionMonth #ThrivingFamilies


Children suffering from abuse or neglect often show physical and behavioral signs. Recognizing those signs can help families overcome the underlying issues of maltreatment. If you see something, say something. Call 858-560-2191. #ChildAbusePreventionMonth #ThrivingFamilies