Initial Investigation Description

Accepted referrals are assigned to a regional social worker for investigation based on address.  The investigation will include interviewing the children, parents, witnesses, and collateral contacts, gathering background information and assess the immediate risk to the child. The social worker will assess for all types of abuse not only the ones alleged in the report. (Once the social worker has completed the investigation, (30-60 days) the referral disposition will be completed as: 

• Unfounded (the allegation of abuse or neglect is false, did not occur, or is accidental),

• Inconclusive (the allegation of abuse or neglect may or may not have occurred and there is insufficient evidence to say that it absolutely occurred), or

• Substantiated (based upon the evidence, more likely than not the child was abused or neglected). Any allegation closed as “Substantiated” may result in notice to the Department of Justice.