The County of San Diego Adoptions serves all members of the adoption triad: adoptees, birth families, and adoptive parents. Both voluntary relinquishments as well as adoptions of children from the foster care system are handled by the agency, which is staffed by professional social workers. A no-obligation orientation is available by attending a free Orientation meeting. Ongoing professional education and training classes about adoption issues are another benefit offered by the agency.


In 2013, the Exceptional Families Adoption Campaign was launched in order to recruit families to meet the needs of children in foster care, particularly those considered hard to place. At any given time, approximately 30 foster children are awaiting a permanent adoptive placement. These children range in age from infants to teenagers, come from diverse ethnic backgrounds, and belong to sibling groups who need to be placed together. Some children may have medical, physical or emotional needs that require special attention. In order to decrease the amount of time a child waits, a targeted recruitment campaign has been launched to seek Exceptional Families. Click here to view Heart Gallery pictures of some of our Exceptional Children.


The agency also serves the community by providing step parent, guardianship, independent, post-adopt, and Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) services.