14-17 Years


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Age 14

Willis is a quiet and handsome young man. He is shy when you first meet him but once he begins to trust you his personality shines through.

Willis is a superb athlete. He likes playing all sports but his favorite is basketball. His dream is to play basketball for the Lakers when he grows up & his birthday wish is to attend a Lakers game.

Willis enjoys listening to hip hop music and going swimming in the pool during the summer. His favorite food is lasagna and his favorite holiday is Christmas.

Willis has been through a great deal of disappointments in his young life. He needs a committed family with no other children to focus on him and give him the individual attention and be there on the sidelines to cheer him on in his basketball games.        

Photograph by
Margery Squier & Ron Manahan
The Squier Group



Age 14

Andrea is a shy girl who enjoys participating in her local youth group. She is reserved around new people, but when she feels comfortable and safe her funny sense of humor will come out and you will not be able to stop laughing! 

Andrea is a talented singer and she dreams of being famous one day.  She is creative and loves drawing and doing all sorts of arts & crafts. 

Andrea is bilingual in English and Spanish. She enjoys relaxing and watching television programs in both languages.

Andrea has been through a great deal of loss and disappointments, but still has not given up hope that there is a forever family out there for her. Andrea needs a family that will commit to her unconditionally and guide her through her teenage years with love, support and encouragement, she deserves this!     

Photograph by
Margery Squier & Ron Manahan
The Squier Group



Age 14

Teyawna is a bright and warm teenage girl. She has been through a great deal in her life but she is amazingly resilient and has overcome many adversities and has not given up hope that there is a family out there for her. 

Teyawna is extremely athletic and enjoys channeling her energy into sports such as soccer, flag football and volleyball. Her favorite thing to do is riding horses. Teyawna has participated in a therapeutic riding program for many years and she lights up when she talks about horses and horseback riding.

Teyawna does well in school and enjoys it and this is reflected in her grades as she gets all A’s & B’s and she has done this all on her own, imagine what she could do with a family.

Teywana wants a mom to do girly things such as getting her nails & hair done and going shopping together. However, she is open to any kind of family as long as they are committed and will step up and give her the unconditional commitment and love she deserves.

Photograph by


Schiavetto Photography




Age 16

Tyler is a sweet and polite young man.  He is 16 years old but appears much younger due to some delays.  Tyler enjoys playing with younger children and some of his favorite activities include building things with Legos, puzzles and coloring.  He loves going on walks and being outdoors in nature.  Tyler is an active young man and likes participating in all types of sporting activities but basketball is his preferred sport to play.  His favorite superheroes are Spiderman and Ironman.  He is a master at Uno cards and takes pride in his skills.  He likes listening to music and singing songs brings him joy and helps calm him when he is upset.  Tyler still finds comfort in stuffed animals and he takes pleasure in reading books and cuddling with his stuffed animals as part of his nighttime routine.

Tyler needs a committed family that will advocate for him and ensure all of his services and needs are met.  He would do best in a family with younger children or a family that has the time and attention to devote to him.  Tyler is a neat young man and deserves a great family!      

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Shane & Lauren Photography




Age 14

Darrel, or DJ as he prefers to be called, is an easygoing, social and active teen. Though he can be a little shy at first, he quickly warms up and his engaging and charismatic nature will draw you in and melt your heart.

DJ is extremely outgoing. He has enjoyed participating in dancing and singing performances with his former church youth group and even served as the MC for one of their events. He hopes to one day be a performer, dancing, singing and acting on stage. DJ is a great student and enjoys chess and public speaking.

DJ has some controlled medical needs but does not let that slow him down. He has made great strides in meeting his self care and always maintains an optimistic outlook on his future. DJ is currently in a great resource home but needs a permanent family that will guide him through his teenage years and help him to achieve his goals. He would do well in a family where he is the only child or in a family with older adult children. He is an incredible young man who would add fullness and light to a family.

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Age 14

Danny is a very kind and friendly young man.  Danny's favorite interests include playing football, and he currently plays on his school's recreational football team.  He also enjoys many outdoor activities, and envisions his forever family showing up to his football games to support and cheer him on. 

 Danny also enjoys hanging out with his friends at school and his football coach, who have become like family to him; he has shared it is important for him to maintain those connections during his lifetime.

Danny dreams of having a loving forever family who will nurture him and guide him in his academics and life choices.  Danny has an affinity for animals and would be excited if his forever family had pets.  Danny has a big heart and wants a family to share it with.     

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Age 15

Cinnamon is a beautiful teenage girl with a spunky personality made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Her talents and hobbies are versatile.  She has a passion for writing, mathematics, and basketball.  She is great at making friends and is doing very well in school.  Cinnamon is interested in pursuing a career law enforcement when she grows up.

Cinnamon is the oldest of four siblings, but the only one still looking for her forever family.  Family connections are very important to Cinnamon, therefore, she needs a family that is committed to helping her maintain those relationships. Although Cinnamon has faced adversity, she is continues to have hope that she will find a loving forever home.

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