6-10 Years


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Age 9

Matthew is an engaging boy who enjoys school and sports. He earns great grades and loves reading and math. He practices the martial art, Aikido, and enjoys playing football, baseball and soccer. Some of his favorite activities are playing video games, Pokemon cards, listening to music, and watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Matthew is smart, engaging, and insightful and would thrive in a family who supports him and encourages him to achieve.

Matthew would do best in a loving family that is active and supportive. He would thrive in a family that celebrates his successes and makes him feel special. He needs an adoptive family that is loyal, caring, and will cheer him on to victory. Matthew needs an adoptive family that is open and supportive of him continuing contact with his siblings.

Photograph by
Margery Squier & Ron Manahan
The Squier Group



Age 10

Lyann is a beautiful and sweet girl with a bright smile and a kind heart.  She is funny, active, smart and engaging.  She loves to dance and is great at gymnastics.  She enjoys creating art and short stories, reading the Goosebumps series, and learning about space.  Lyann also enjoys going to Disneyland.  She feels very connected to animals and enjoys caring for them. 

Lyann is in need of a loving, flexible, and trauma informed family.  She is actively working on positive coping skills to help address the grief and loss she has experienced.  Lyann is striving for self development and is learning to be a better friend.  Lyann has an older brother and will need a family that facilitates and encourages their sibling relationship.  She is looking for a family that will support her dreams and will be there for her during her life’s journey. 



Age 8

Aubrey is a beautiful and sweet little girl with an infectious laugh and bright smile. She loves swimming, singing, painting and anything with the arts. Her favorite singer is Beyonce’ and her favorite movie is Frozen. She loves all kinds of foods but she most enjoys eating tacos and macaroni & cheese.

Aubrey is in need a loving, affectionate, and active family that will commit to caring for her. The family should be ready and willing to maintain and encourage the relationship between Aubrey and her younger sister. 

Photograph by

Margery Squier & Ron Manahan

The Squier Group




Age 9

Daniel is a kind boy who is in need of a lot of love and individual attention. He tends to be quiet and a little withdrawn, but once he feels comfortable with someone his true personality comes out. He continues to make positive strides towards being the best version of himself.  Daniel is learning to identify and express his feelings which is a big accomplishment for such a young man.  Daniel is athletic and enjoys competition.  His favorite sports are football and basketball.  Daniel enjoys playing video games and being active and silly.  Daniel is part of a sibling group, but is the only one still in need of a forever home.

Daniel needs a trauma- informed, patient and committed family that will meet his needs and keep him connected to his family and siblings.  He also needs a family that will be there to support him and guide him as he grows into a young man. 

View Daniel and his siblings' video

Photograph by

Shannon Owens




Age 9

Angel is a handsome, friendly and well mannered 9 year old boy. Angel is incredibly intelligent and excels in his academics, which are very important to him. Angel reports being very proud that he is at a 6th grade reading level, even though he is only in the 3rd grade He loves reading!

Some of Angel’s other interests include playing video games, spending time on his tablet, and being active. Although he is not currently enrolled in any sports, Angel would like to be part of a club sport, like soccer. 

Angel dreams of being adopted into a loving forever home, with a mom and dad, a sibling around his age, and a pet.  When Angel pictures his forever family, he envisions all of them spending time together at the beach, having a picnic, and a fun time together.  

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