Volunteers in Child Welfare Services



Foster Youth Mentors

For more information, phone Rostum Ramos at (619) 767-5211 or send an email.

Provide a child with a supportive and enriching one-on-one relationship that will aid in developing self esteem. Activities may include providing transportation, tutoring and taking the child on various social outings.


How to Volunteer

To receive an information packet which includes an application, fingerprint information and upcoming training dates and times, please send us an email.

Volunteering is simple and easy. Why wait? Help a child now!

How can I help a child?

There are a lot of ways to help children here in San Diego County. Click on this link CWSHelpAChildFlyer.pdf to see the description of just a few of those ways.

It is the policy of the Health and Human Services Agency that all its programs, aids, and services are available to all people regardless of race, color, national origin, political affiliation, religion, sex, marital status or age.


HHSA Child Welfare Services-A.B. and Jessie Polinsky Children's Center

Polinsky Volunteer Program "Jessie's Angels"

For more information contact Volunteer Coordinator Linda Gonzales - (858) 874-1058 or email


Facilities where this Service is offered:

  • Polinsky Children's Center

9400 Ruffin Court

San Diego, CA 92123

Volunteer Requirements

  • The minimum age to volunteer is 21 years
  • A background check is required of all volunteers
  • A medical exam is required for volunteers
  • Live Scan fingerprinting is required based on volunteering location