Office of Equitable Communities

portrait - jennifer bransford-koons
Jennifer Bransford-Koons, Director

The Office of Equitable Communities (OEqC) is focused on enhancing community engagement and collaborating and devoting efforts to meet the needs of underserved communities with a focus on embracing diversity, social and health equity, economic inclusion, and poverty reduction. OEqC provides dedicated staff to collaborate with each community to create positive change and will serve as the primary community contact for partners to access integrated efforts across the County enterprise. OEqC will integrate the longstanding Live Well San Diego Regional Leadership Teams and work closely with cities and community partners to ensure strong community connections.

The Office ensures equity among all San Diegans using a regional model to enhance community engagement and meet the needs of underserved communities through many services.

Programs, Services, and Activities

Community Health & Engagement Team (CHET) -- implement health initiatives by coordinating health services programs, resource development, research, and planning practices.

Community Health Workers (CHW) -- engage and interact with the community to better understand the needs and the disproportionate impacts of public health threats.

Community Action Partnership (CAP) -- empower economically disadvantaged individuals and families to achieve their highest level of self-sufficiency and well-being through community-based organizations contracted services.

Regional Community Coordination (RCC) -- enhance collective efforts of community groups and stakeholders in each region by hosting regional leadership team meetings and organizing collaborative efforts on health and social equity, economic inclusion, and poverty reduction efforts to ensure a welcoming region supportive of all residents.