Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs

portrait - lucero chavez basilio
Lucero Chavez Basilio, Director

The Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs (OIRA) serves as the regional expert and lead in immigrant and refugee affairs and provides resources and information through a variety of activities countywide. OIRA collaborates with the community and local Resettlement Agencies to devote County resources to the immigrant population, regardless of immigration, refugee, or vista status, and serves as the County Refugee Coordinator to the State of California.

Programs, Services, and Activities

Seek -- community stakeholder input and apply regional academic research, data, and best practices to advance equity and opportunity for immigrant and refugee populations.

Align -- efforts in the community to address the needs and challenges of the immigrant and refugee populations by regularly convening with community stakeholders and developing an OIRA Strategic Plan.

Enhance -- relationships with various stakeholders, including community-based organizations, Resettlement Agencies, local jurisdictions, state and federal partners, and binational partners, in supporting a healthy, safe, and thriving community.

Refugee Employment Services -- administer HHSA’s Refugee Employment Services (RES) through a network of contracted service providers that support newly arriving refugee families’ goal of economic self-sufficiency.

Vocational English as a Second Language -- English as a second language (ESL) targeting immediate employment in the U.S., as well as support to upgrade to higher paying jobs.