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Leave No Veteran Homeless


More than 200,000 veterans call San Diego County home, according to the U.S. Census. Hundreds of those veterans are living on the street. The County and partners came together to build on the work already being done to support those who served in the Armed Forces, to find a solution they hope will last generations. 

Together they built a new county-wide plan designed to essentially end veteran homelessness by achieving “functional zero." Functional zero is a term to describe veteran homelessness as rare, brief, and non-recurring. At functional zero, every unhoused veteran has the opportunity and support to gain permanent housing. The plan will maximize resources and ensure the steps taken to meet our veterans’ housing needs align with the County’s core values of integrity, belonging, excellence, access, sustainability, and equity.

The County has worked with not-for-profits and other partners for years to identify housing solutions and supportive services for veterans living on the street and found success. But it is clear more needs to be done to achieve functional zero. Will you help us honor their service?

Leave No Veteran Homeless Count

270 veterans housed since July 2023, click to learn more.

877 Veterans housed since the Leave No Veteran Homeless Initiative launched in July 2023.

*Data for period of 7/1/23 to 6/1/24.

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