Below are resources for veterans and those who support veterans, including landlords. These include access to housing resources and opportunities, employment training, food and health services, and additional support for veterans in their transition into a permanent residence, with links to partner organizations.

City of Oceanside

Affordable rental housing in Oceanside

City of San Diego

Shelter, safe parking located in the City of San Diego

County Health and Human Services Agency

Food assistance locations throughout the County of San Diego

Regional Task Force on Homelessness

Data portal

Courage to Call

Free, confidential, veteran-staffed 24/7 helpline


Housing, Employment, Training

San Diego Housing Commission

Housing opportunities and programs within the City of San Diego

Veterans Village of San Diego

Homeless Court, Housing, Rehabilitation

RTFH Housing Directory

Access sites in north, central and southern San Diego to connect to housing resources

211 Directory

 Food, housing, mental health

Veterans Affairs

VA Healthcare and Disability

California LifeLine Eligibility

State funded communications program