Ambulance Ordinance


San Diego County Ambulance Ordinance

County of San Diego Ordinance number 10274 (amended from 9668) regulates ambulances, air ambulances, and non-emergency medical transportation services.

The County of San Diego EMS Section issues annual permits to:

  • ambulance companies
  • critical care transport providers
  • air ambulance services
  • non-emergency medical transportation services (e.g., wheelchair vans, gurney vans, and ambulettes)

The annual permit process includes reviewing service requirements including vehicle and equipment inspections.


Agency permitting processes are now handled online with the CoSD LEMSIS system. More information on CoSD LEMSIS may be found at the CoSD LEMSIS informational site and the License Management Portal may be accessed here.

Have a question? Please contact the EMS Permitting Unit via:



The County of San Diego Emergency Medical Services requires that all ambulance and non-emergency transportation provider hold a valid permit like the image above.