000 - Systems


S-001         Emergency Medical Services System Compliance with State Statutes and Regulations (12/12)

S-002         Approval of Emergency Medical Services System Standards, Policies and Procedures (7/07)

S-003         Program Record Keeping: Training and Certification (7/19)

S-004         Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement for the Prehospital Emergency Medical Services

                  System  (1/05)

S-005         EMS Medical Director's Advisory Committee (Base Station Physicians' Committee)  (7/07)

S-006         Prehospital Audit Committee (7/10)

S-007         Transfer Agreements (7/07)

S-008         Interfacility Transfers - Levels of Care (7/10)

S-009         Guidelines for the Prevention of Transmission of Contagions and Contaminants (7/19)

S-010         Guidelines for Hospitals Requesting Ambulance Diversion  (7/07)

S-011         EMT/Advanced EMT/Paramedic Disciplinary Process 07/10)

S-014         Guidelines for Verification of Organ Donor Status (7/17)

S-015         Medical Audit Committee on Trauma (7/18)

S-016         Release of Patient Information/Confidentiality (7/04)

S-017         Downgrade or Closure of Emergency Services in a Hospital Designated as a Basic

                   Emergency Receiving Facility (7/07)

S-018         EMS for Children (EMSC) Advisory Committee (7/02)

S-019         Cardiac Advisory Committee (7/19)

S-020         Designation of a Cardiovascular “STEMI” Receiving Center (7/19)

S-021         De-Designation of a Cardiovascular “STEMI” Receiving Center (7/19)

S-022         Infant Safe Surrender (7/15)

S-028         Designation of Stroke Critical Care Receiving Center (7/19)

S-029         Stroke Advisory Committee (7/19)