100 - Treatment Guidelines and Protocols


  Policy Designators:

   A          Air Medical

   B          EMT-B

   N          Non-Emergency Medical Transport

   P          Paramedic

   S          System - applies to all components of EMS system

   T          Trauma Care System

---------EMS-Protocol_S-102_SECTION I  
S-100   Introduction (7/19)
S-101  Glossary of Terms (7/18)
S-102  List of Abbreviations (7/18)
SECTION II Standing Orders/Medication List/Drug Chart Inventory/Skills
S-103  BLS/ALS Ambulance Inventory (7/19)
S-104 Skills List (7/19)
S-104(a) Spinal Motion Restriction Algorithm (7/18)
P-110 Adult ALS Standing Orders (7/19)
P-111 Adult Standing Orders for Communication Failure (7/19)
P-112 Pediatric ALS Standing Orders (7/18)
P-113 Pediatric Standing Orders for Communication Failure (7/18)
P-114 Pediatric MICU Inventory (7/19)
P-115 ALS Medication List (7/19)
P-115(a) Pediatric Weight Based Dosage Standards (7/18)
P-117 ALS Pediatric Drug Chart (7/18)
SECTION III  Adult Treatment Protocols
S-120 Abdominal Discomfort/GI/GU (Non-Traumatic) (7/15)
S-121 Airway Obstruction (Foreign Body) (7/15)
S-122  Allergic Reaction/Anaphylaxis (7/18)
S-123 Altered Neurologic Function (Non-Traumatic) (7/18)
S-124  Burns (7/15)
S-126 Discomfort/Pain of Suspected Cardiac Origin (7/19)
S-127  Dysrhythmias (7/19)
S-129  Envenomation Injuries (7/15)
S-130  Environmental Exposure (7/18)
S-131 Hemodialysis Patient (7/15)
S-132 Decompression Illness/Diving/Altitude Related Incidents (7/15)
S-133 Obstetrical Emergencies (7/18)
S-134 Poisoning/Overdose (7/18)
S-135 Pre-Existing Medical Interventions (7/15)
S-136 Respiratory Distress (7/18)
S-137 Sexual Assault (7/15)
S-138 Shock (7/15)
S-139  Trauma (7/15)
S-141  Pain Management (7/19)
S-142 Psychiatric/Behavioral Emergencies (7/15)
S-143 Sepsis (7/15)
S-144 Stroke and Transient Ischemic Attack (7/19)
S-150 Nerve Agent Exposure (7/19)
SECTION IV Pediatric Treatment Protocols
S-160  Airway Obstruction (7/15)
S-161 Altered Neurologic Function (Non-Traumatic) (7/18)
S-162  ALS/Allergic Reaction (7/19)
S-163 Dysrhythmias (7/18)
S-164 Envenomation Injuries (7/15)
S-165 Poisoning/Overdose (7/15)
S-166 Newborn Deliveries (7/19)
S-166 (a) Out of Hospital Birth Form (7/19)
S-167   Respiratory Distress (7/18)
S-168 Shock (Non-Traumatic) (7/18)
S-169 Trauma (7/18)
S-170 Burns (7/18)
S-172 Apparent Life Threatening Event (7/18)
S-173 Pain Management (7/18)
S-174 GI/GU (Non-Traumatic) (7/18)