300 - Education

 Policy Designators:

   A          Air Medical

   B          EMT-B

   N          Non-Emergency Medical Transport

   P          Paramedic

   S          System - applies to all components of EMS system

   T          Trauma Care System


P-300                    EMT-Paramedic Training Program Student Eligibility (7/15)

P-301                    Paramedic Training Program Requirements and Procedures for Approval (7/17)

P-301A                  Paramedic Training Program Application Form (Application Form) (7/16)

P-302                     Guidelines for Placement of Paramedic Interns in San Diego County (7/18)

P-302A                   Application for Out-of- County Paramedic Internship

P-303                     Mobile Intensive Care Nurse Authorization/Reauthorization (7/18)

P-305                     Paramedic Accreditation in San Diego County (7/18)

S-306                    Designation of Authorized Providers of Continuing Education for EMS Personnel (3/11)

S-306A                  Application for Authorization as Approved Provider of Prehospital CE in SD County

S-307                    Continuing Education for Prehospital Personnel (3/12)

S-308                    Public Safety First Aid Training Programs (7/17)

S-308A                  Public Safety First Aid Training Programs (Application Form) (7/17)

B-325                    Perilaryngeal Airway Adjuncts Training Program Requirements (7/10)

B-326                    EMT-Basic Optional Skills Student Eligibility (5/09)

B-351                    EMT Training Programs (7/17)

B-351A                  EMT Training Programs Application (Application Form) (11/19)

B-352                    EMT Certification/Renewal (7/18)

B-353                    EMT Out-of-County Status (7/18)

B-360                    Advanced EMT Training Programs (7/10)

B-361                    Advanced EMT Certification/Recertification (7/18)