700 - Base Hospital/Trauma Center

 Policy Designators:

   A          Air Medical

   B          EMT-B

   N          Non-Emergency Medical Transport

   P          Paramedic

   S          System - applies to all components of EMS system

   T          Trauma Care System


P-701                    EMT-Paramedic Base Hospital Designation (3/11)

P-702                    De-designation of an EMT-Paramedic Base Hospital (7/05)

T-705                    Trauma Catchment Service Area (7/08)

T-706                    Role of the Pediatric Trauma Center (7/08)

T-708                    Trauma Care Coordination within the Trauma System (7/07)

T-710                    Designation of a Trauma Center (7/08)

T-711                    De-designation of a Trauma Center (7/08)

T-712                    Trauma Center Bypass (7/18)

T-713                    Resources for Trauma Team Response (7/08)

T-714                    Trauma Service Consultations for the Community (12/07)

T-716                    Transfer of Stable Trauma Service Health Plan Members (12/07)

T-717                    Trauma Center Injury Prevention Activities (7/07)

T-718                    Public Information & Education on Trauma Systems (12/07)

T-719                    Trauma Provider Marketing and Advertising (12/07)