800 - Service Provider Agency

 Policy Designators:

   A          Air Medical

   B          EMT-B

   N          Non-Emergency Medical Transport

   P          Paramedic

   S          System - applies to all components of EMS system

   T          Trauma Care System


P-801                    Designation of Providers of Advanced Life Support Service (3/11)

S-803                    Recovery of Prehospital Patient Care Reusable Equipment (7/19)

P-805                    Advanced Life Support First Responder Units (7/10)

P-806                    Advanced Life Support First Responder Inventory (7/19)

P-807                    Wildland ALS Kit Inventory (7/18)

B-808                    Advanced EMT Service Provider Designation (7/10)

D-822                    Perilaryngeal Airway Adjuncts Service Provider Designation (7/10)

S-830                    Ambulance Provider's Permit Application Process (7/15)

S-831                    Permit Appeal Process (7/15)

S-833                    Ground Ambulance Vehicle Requirements (7/16)

B-834                    BLS First Responder Inventory (7/18)

S-835                    Requirements for Ground Critical Care Transport Services (7/07)

S-836                    Critical Care Transport Unit Inventory (7/17)

S-837                    Public Safety First Aid optional Skills Provider Designation (7/17)

N-840                    Non-Emergency Transport Provider's Permit Application Process (7/15)

N-841                    Non-Emergency Medical Transport Service Requirements (7/15)

B-850                    Basic Life Support Ambulance Service Provider Requirements (7/15)

A-875                    Prehospital EMS Aircraft Classification (11/10)

A-876                    Air Ambulance Dispatch Center Designation/Dispatch of Air Ambulance                                                          (7/17) Updated

A-877                    Air Ambulance Service Provider Authorization (11/10)

S-880                    Ground Ambulance EMS Radios (7/17)

S-881                    Hospital EMS Radios (7/17)