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The Public Guardian conducts official investigations into conservatorship matters, and serves as the legally appointed guardian for persons, who have been determined by the Courts to be incapable of caring for themselves. These are generally older, frail and vulnerable adults who are at risk or have been a victim of abuse or neglect.

When appointed conservator of the estate, the Public Guardian manages the finances of the conservatee who has been found by the Court to be unable to manage them alone, or is susceptible to being taken advantage of financially by others. In this role, the Public Guardian locates and takes control of the conservatee's assets, collects income, pays debts and taxes and invests funds.

When appointed conservator of the person, the Public Guardian is responsible for making sure the conservatee has proper food, clothing, shelter and health care. Depending on the conservatee's ability to understand and make decisions, the Public Guardian may receive authorization from the Court to make medical decisions for the conservatee as well.

Making a Referral to the Public Guardian

The Public Guardian is charged with evaluating and investigating persons that may no longer be capable of managing their finances/personal affairs or may be subject to physical abuse or neglect. The Public Guardian is appointed conservator for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The person is incapable of managing their finances/personal affairs, has an estate that requires management and has no family
  • The person is incapable of managing their finances/personal affairs, has an estate that requires management and family members are unable, because of illness, distance or other circumstances, to provide assistance
  • The person is incapable of managing their finances/personal affairs, friends or family members have exploited or neglected the person and are not suitable conservators and the person is subject to further abuse or neglect without intervention

You may call our office at (858) 694-3500 if you would like to discuss whether a particular case would be appropriate for the Public Guardian to investigate prior to making a referral.

To make a Public Guardian referral, please complete the “County of San Diego Public Guardian Investigation On-line Referral." The form must be filled out with your contact information so that we may contact you for further information during the investigation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at (858) 694-3500.

The Public Administrator/Public Guardian Team

The Public Administrator/Public Guardian Team is comprised of approximately 40 high-energy, compassionate professionals from various disciplines who have been deputized to work on the Public Administrator/Public Guardian's behalf to protect elderly and disabled citizens at risk of abuse and neglect by safeguarding their assets, providing for their personal care and providing expert administration of decedent and conservatorship estates.