California Children Services (CCS)

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How to Apply

The following criteria will help you determine if your child is eligible for California Children Services (CCS). If you or your child's doctor believe your child meets the eligibility criteria for CCS, follow the steps below to apply for services.

The program is open to anyone who:

  • Is under 21 years of age
  • Is a resident of San Diego County
  • Has or may have a medical condition that is covered by CCS 
  • Has a family income of less than $40,000 reported as adjusted gross income on latest State tax return
  • Has an eligible child who has out-of-pocket medical expenses that are expected to be more than 20% of the family income
  • Has Medi-Cal coverage for the child

Family income is not a factor for children who:

  • Need diagnostic services to confirm a CCS-eligible medical condition
  • Were adopted with a known CCS-eligible medical condition
  • Are applying only for services through the Medical Therapy Program (MTP)
  • Are Medi-Cal beneficiaries, full scope, no share of cost

Steps to qualify for CCS

Families (or the applicant if age 18 or older or an emancipated minor) must:

  1. Complete a CCS application (English | Spanish) and return to the County of San Diego California Children Services office at: 6160 Mission Gorge Road #400, San Diego, CA 92120 or via fax to (858) 514-6514.
  2. Provide CCS with all information requested
  3. Apply for Medi-Cal if CCS believes that a family's income qualifies them for the Medi-Cal program
  • If eligible for Medi-Cal, the child is eligible for CCS 
  • CCS approves the services
  • Payment is made through Medi-Cal

Facilities where this Service is offered:

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