Resources for Restaurants

Dine-In Restaurants


  • On the evening of May 20, 2020, the Governor approved the County of San Diego's request to proceed with modified onsite dining throughout the San Diego region. 
  • Prior to implementing onsite dining, please review the resources below and modify your food facility operations to meet the COVID-19 prevention measures listed in the San Diego Safe Onsite Dining Plan and San Diego Restaurant Operating Protocol. A copy of your Restaurant Operating Protocol does not need to be submitted to the County; just complete, sign and post it in your facility.
  • For those restaurants currently operating in a take-out fashion and keeping operations the same, your previously posted protocols suffice. For those operators who wish to expand operations or re-open operations to allow for limited onsite dining, complete and post the Restaurant Operating Protocol.
  • San Diego Safe Onsite Dining Plan – Review guidance for implementing key prevention measures for COVID-19.
  • San Diego Restaurant Operating Protocol – Fill this form out, print and post at a public entrance. Implement all mandatory measures.
  • Guidance for Food Facility Re-Openings  – Guidance checklist to help you with re-opening.
  • San Diego Safe Dining Posters – Print and display these posters at all entrances to the facility.
  • State Guidance for Dine-in Restaurants – Review guidance for additional optional measures that can be implemented to protect against COVID-19.



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