COVID-19 in San Diego County

The County of San Diego is working closely with federal and state agencies and the local healthcare community to monitor, test, and vaccinate for the COVID-19 virus in the region. For information about coronavirus disease nationwide, visit the CDC website.

County of San Diego Coronavirus Disease Dashboards

This Table is Updated Daily (7-days a week).

Table 1. Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Among San Diego County Residents Since February 14, 2020
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Table updated October 17, 2021, with data through October 16, 2021.

New Cases Reported* = 528
  Count  % Change from
Previous Report
Cumulative Rate per 100,000
Total Cases 364,634 100% 10,878.8
Age Groups
0-9 years 23,705 6.5% 5,468.0
10-19 years 42,448 11.6% 9,787.1
20-29 years 80,855 22.2% 15,229.4
30-39 years 66,185 18.2% 13,506.7
40-49 years 51,182 14.0% 12,823.3
50-59 years 46,248 12.7% 11,434.8
60-69 years 29,997 8.2% 8,814.8
70-79 years 14,031 3.9% 7,019.0
80+ years 9,791 2.7% 8,170.8
Age Unknown 192
Female 185,038 51.1% 11,135.5
Male 176,959 48.9% 10,470.4
Unknown 2,637
Hospitalizations** 17,916 4.9% +7

Intensive Care***

1,851 0.5% +1
Deaths 4,163 1.1% +0
*This is the actual number of new cases received the previous day. Some reported cases may later be removed from the total number of cumulative cases through routine quality assurance processes. The actual number of new cases reported and the change from the previous report may not be the same.
**Known hospitalizations; information is incomplete for many cases under investigation.
***Known admissions to intensive care; intensive care is a subset of hospitalizations, but percentage is of total cases.
Cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are added to this table as information becomes available; this may not be indicative of when the event occurred.

As of 10/3/2021, new case counts include cases that are presumed reinfections, defined as a positive test more than 90 days after the first positive test for a previous infection or an infection with a different lineage.
Data are preliminary and subject to change.


This Table is Updated Monday-Friday.

Table 2. COVID-19 Molecular Tests Conducted in San Diego County^

Table updated October 15, 2021, with data through October 14, 2021.

New Tests Reported= 19,204

Average Tests Reported (7 Days) = 18,921

Percentage Positive (7 Days)^^= 2.9%

Total Tests Since February 14, 2020 = 6,942,586

^Includes tests conducted for non-residents. Molecular tests refer to PCR or other type of nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT). Some days include a backlog of results from prior dates.

^^This is the number of positive tests divided by the total tests in the last 7 days by date reported. The number of positive tests may be higher than the number of confirmed cases because some individuals may be tested more than once.
Data are preliminary and subject to change


COVID-19 Watch Weekly Surveillance Report


COVID-19 Watch—The San Diego County Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Weekly Surveillance Report is updated every Wednesday. (Data through week ending 10/9/21)

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Evaluating Misinformation—The County of San Diego has declared medical misinformation a public health crisis and has created a space to help you get accurate and reliable information from credible sources. *NEW*

Additional Data on COVID-19 in San Diego County 

As of July 1, 2021, these reports are updated weekly on Wednesdays unless otherwise indicated.

Updated 10/13/21

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