COVID-19 Vaccination Locations

COVID-19 vaccinations are safe, convenient, and available from multiple vaccine providers.

Appointments are not necessary, but available if preferred. See locations and schedule below for more details.


Get Vaccinated at a Location Near You

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Free COVID-19 vaccines may be available through other organizations. Click here for more information on organizations offering free COVID-19 vaccinations


What to Bring to Your Vaccination 

Individuals must be 12 years of age or older at the time of vaccination. 

Most people will need to bring these to the vaccination site:

  • Photo ID (e.g., school or work ID, membership card); AND
  • Proof of age (something that shows date of birth)
    • Documentation examples: Birth certificate, passport, and Provisional Driver's Permit (Learner's Permit)


Eligible Minors (12-17 Years Old)

Items required at the time of vaccination depend on a person’s age. For minors (12-17 years old), requirements will vary based on whether or not an adult (18 years and older) will be present when they receive the vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccinations - Adults (18 years and older)

  • Must be 18 years old at the time of vaccination to be considered an adult
  • Must show photo ID (e.g., school or work ID, membership card) AND proof of age (something that shows date of birth)
    • Documentation examples: Birth certificate, passport, Provisional Driver's Permit (Learner's Permit)


COVID-19 Vaccinations - Minors (12-17 years old)

  • Individuals younger than 18 can only receive the Pfizer-BioNTech (Pfizer) COVID-19 vaccine. 
  • All eligible minors may visit a vaccination site without an appointment and without bringing any documentation (photo ID and proof of age) IF a parent, legal guardian, or relative caregiver is with them at the site.
  • If a minor will not have an adult present with them at the vaccination site, an appointment needs to be made AND their parent or legal guardian will need to complete the Consent Form for Minors to provide their consent in advance. Parental consent is required for all eligible minors to be vaccinated.





Additional Details

Parent/Guardian IS PRESENT

  • Parent/Guardian identifies minor and verifies their age (no documentation needed)
  • Parent/Guardian may answer medical questions and provide consent in-person

Relative Caregiver IS PRESENT

(Relative must be 18 years or older and live with the minor)

Examples: Grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin

  • Relative caregiver must complete Caregiver Affidavit Form (may complete on-site if needed) 
  • Relative caregiver can confirm child’s identity and age (no documentation needed)
  • Relative caregiver may answer medical questions and provide consent in-person

Minor is unaccompanied


accompanied by a non-caregiver adult

Examples: Neighbor, nanny, family friend

  • Minor’s information and age provided when scheduling appointment in My Turn
  • Minor or adult must show consent form filled out by parent/guardian
  • Minor must bring photo ID AND proof of age




Scheduling Your Second Vaccination 

Only Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines require a second dose. It is recommended that you get your second dose from the location and/or through the same provider as your first dose. Second dose scheduling protocols may differ by provider.  

City of San Diego Vaccination Program
  • You will schedule your second dose on site during your first dose. You will then receive a reminder email within 7-10 days following your initial vaccination.
  • For any issues, contact
My Turn
  • After you make your first appointment, you will be prompted in My Turn to schedule your second appointment. Dates available for your second dose will be populated so you may complete the scheduling process.
  • For any issues, contact the CA COVID-19 Hotline at 1-833-422-4255.
Rady Children’s Hospital: MyChart 
  • You will schedule your second dose at the clinic during your first dose. If you are not scheduled for a second dose at the clinic, you will likely receive a scheduling ticket on MyChart. 
  • For further instructions, click here or contact
UC San Diego Health: MyChart
  • Download the MyChart App or make an account on the UCSD website by visiting to receive your second dose link.
  • If you have done so and still have not received your link, please call 1-619-543-5220 to speak with a MyChart call center agent.