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For more information call the Epidemiology Program at phone number 619-692-8499 or send us an e-mail.

The Data Analysis and Surveillance Unit (DASU) of the Epidemiology and Immunization Services Branch is responsible for the systematic collection, management, analysis, and dissemination of morbidity, mortality, and other health surveillance data.

DASU also provides technical assistance relating to health indicator data, thereby seeking to actively promote and disseminate information relevant to the health of people living in San Diego County, and to aid decision makers in setting policies, managing health issues, and identifying emerging health trends.

Reportable Communicable Diseases and Conditions 

Tables and reports summarizing selected communicable diseases and conditions reported to Public Health Services. 

Monthly Communicable Disease Surveillance Reports

These provide counts and year-to-date sums of selected diseases and conditions reported to Epidemiology & Immunization Services Branch.




Annual Communicable Disease Reports

Hospital Patient Discharge Data (PDD)

Hospital patient discharge data is distributed by the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD). Data include a de-identified record for each inpatient discharged from a California licensed hospital, including general acute care, acute psychiatric, chemical dependency recovery, and psychiatric health facilities. 

Numbers are for discharges, not persons, because a person may have more than one hospitalization during a year.

Life Expectancy 

Life expectancy is used as a health indicator to gauge the general health of a population, and health disparities among sub-populations. It is presented as the average number of years a person born a certain year is expected to live, given the current age-specific mortality rates applied to each age group of the current population.

Additional San Diego Health Statistics Resources

 For more information, call the Epidemiology Program at telephone # 619-692-8499, or send us an e-mail.