Disaster Medical and Health Emergency Preparedness



The Disaster Medical Health Emergency Preparedness (DHMEP) unit coordinates with emergency management agencies, community organizations, medical providers, prehospital provider agencies (fire/EMS), hospitals, clinics, skilled nursing facilities, businesses and other partners in developing public health and disaster preparedness by dissemination of risk assessments, trainings and public health guidance.

This includes but is not limited to

  • Medical Surge (hospitals and prehospital providers – ambulance/first responders)
  • Burn Center Surge
  • Pediatric Surge
  • Disaster planning, exercises and response operations
  • Special Event planning – medical health considerations
  • Coordination of disaster medical health resources and personnel
  • Ambulance Strike Teams (AST)
  • National Disaster Medical Systems (NDMS) planning and operations with the local Federal Coordinating Center (FCC)
  • Public Health Emergency Preparedness – Biological Terrorism (planning, exercises and operations)
  • Mass Prophylaxis
  • Chempack
  • HAvBED: hospital bed availability count (assessment of available hospital beds)
  • NDMS bed county (assessment of available hospital beds)


Healthcare Disaster Council

The San Diego Health Disaster Council advises the County of San Diego (CoSD) Health and Human Services Agency, Public Health Services, and Division of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) on the community’s health and medical disaster preparedness.

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Skilled Nursing Facility Disaster Preparedness Task Force (DPTF) 

The Skilled Nursing Facility DPTF is a partnership between skilled nursing facilities which focuses on preparing and planning to help each other during disasters.  For more information, call 619-285-6429.


Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI): 

The CRI grant provides funding to assist in preparing for disasters.

  • Fact Sheets: 


What can I do?

Visit ReadySanDiego at http://readysandiego.org to find out how you can become better prepared for disasters.

HAvBED Reporting: 




For more information phone 619-285-6429.



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Preparing For An Anthrax Attack

Preparing For An Anthrax Attack

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