Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIMR)

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Purpose: The Fetal Infant Mortality Review program (FIMR) works to understand systems of care and social problems that contribute to preventable fetal and infant deaths and for identifying and implementing interventions to rectify these problems. FIMR empowers local community members to take the necessary steps to improve fetal and infant mortality within their own communities. It is a community-based, action-oriented process that leads to improvement in health and social services for families.

The FIMR program is part of Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH) and is required by the following authorities: Health & Safety Code, Sections 123650-123655, 100325-100330, 123725-123745, 462 and 10253.

Goals of the program

  • Reduce fetal and infant deaths.
  • Identify factors beyond non-preventable medical reasons that cause babies to die before their first birthday or be stillborn.
  • Mobilize community to take action and make changes that may prevent future deaths.

About FIMR

Each year in San Diego County there are about 450 infant and fetal deaths. A fetal death, often called a stillbirth, occurs when a baby dies in the womb after the 20th week of pregnancy and before birth. An infant death occurs when a baby is born alive but dies before his or her first birthday. The most common medical causes are congenital anomaly (birth defect), prematurity (being born too early), and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). FIMR works to prevent as many future deaths as possible.

From 1992 - 2009, the FIMR process brought a multi-disciplinary community team together to review de-identified infant and fetal deaths. Composed of health, social, and other experts, the FIMR case review team examined the case summary, identified issues, and made recommendations for community change, if appropriate. 

Community leaders representing government, consumers, community agencies, and other health and social service organizations serve on the Community Action Team (CAT), which acts to implement recommendations made by the case review team to improve services and resources for families. 

Currently, FIMR is working on the development of a Maternal Survey that will ask mothers 18 years of age and above who recently experienced a fetal or infant loss in San Diego County about her health and experiences before, during, and after pregnancy. Findings from the surveys will provide descriptive data on potential risk factors, systems of care, and social problems that contribute to fetal and infant losses in San Diego. 

Over the years, the CAT has developed written materials about several topics. All materials are free of charge, including the Grief Support Guide for families who have experienced an infant loss.

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For more information, call 619-692-8045 or send an email

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