HIV, STD and Hepatitis Branch

Reports and Statistics Archive

This page has links to reports and statistics released prior to 2017 related to HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in San Diego County, including publications by the HIV, STD and Hepatitis Branch (HSHB).

For more HIV/AIDS-related reports and data please visit the County of San Diego HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Unit's page.

STD Monthly Reports for San Diego County

Reports include monthly and cumulative (year-to-date) cases and rates for reportable STDs in San Diego County and an Editorial Note.









STD Quarterly Reports for San Diego County

STD Articles in San Diego Physician Magazine

Physicians' Bulletins

STD and Viral Hepatitis Fact Sheets for San Diego County

STDHEP Email News Bulletins

STDHEP emails are bulletins are intended for medical professionals and are sent out several times a year. To join the STDHEP listserv, please send an email to with "Join" in the subject line and include your name, organization and phone number.

For more information, phone 619-293-4700 or send us an email.

Last updated February 22, 2019.