Office of Vital Records and Statistics

Assembly Bill (AB) 2967

Fee Waiver for Youth in Foster Care

Pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 103578, each local registrar or county recorder shall, without a fee, issue a certified record of live birth to any person who can verify his or her status as a youth in foster care.

An affidavit must be used for the purpose of requesting a fee exempt certificate copy of a Certificate of Live Birth.

Access the Public Records Fee Waiver bill text.

When does AB 2967 take effect? 

AB 2967 will take effect on and after July 1, 2019. 

Does AB 2967 only apply to birth records?

Yes, AB 2967 is only for issuance of authorized live birth certificates. 

Who is eligible to request a fee exempt birth certificate pursuant to AB 2967?

A youth in foster care, or any person lawfully entitled to request a birth certificate on behalf of a youth in foster care, as long as the individual has been verified as a youth in foster care. 

Can someone make a request on behalf of a youth in foster care?

Yes, as long as the person is an authorized third party (i.e., parent, guardian, legal guardian, grandparent, brother, sister) who is lawfully entitled. 

How may an applicant submit a request for processing?

The best way to file an application is to submit in-person at a local county office and a county official may take a statement sworn under penalty of perjury (HSC Section 103526). 

Can an applicant order multiple certificates? 

A person applying for a certified record of live birth is entitled to only one birth record per application for each eligible person verified as a youth in foster care. 

May an applicant request be mailed “care of” a government agency?

Yes, the completed request would be mailed back to the address indicated on the application.

Are former recipients of foster care eligible for the fee waiver? 

No, this bill is intended to assist youths currently receiving foster care.


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