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This page was created by the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency as a source for information about our new web-based referral system for Public Health Nursing.

Though managed by HHSA, this system is a collaboration between public and private hospitals, clinics and other health organizations. Social workers, nurses and administration staff all over San Diego County hold a critical stake in the process.

Below you'll find information on the system and points of contact for further inquiry.

Facilities where this Service is offered:


Background of the Project

Public Health Centers throughout San Diego County recently improved their ability to provide services to referral agencies that request field public health nurse visits to at risk families and children.

Incorporating Accurate, Complete and Appropriate Referrals Standards (ACAR) Public Health standardized the information needed from referral agencies that enable field public health nurses to provide health and preventative services to at risk families and children.

An important element of this change was the creation of a web site to allow referral agencies to make referrals electronically over the World Wide Web.

Advantages of the System

  • Improves speed and accuracy of referrals to Public Health Centers in San Diego County
  • Expedites PHN response to referrals
  • Reduces the time between processing a referral and 1st client contact
  • Ensures complete referral information is received for processing with no delay
  • Provides a record of all referrals made by your agency on the web to Public Health
  • Provides tracking for follow-up

How to Enroll

  • Send us an email
  • Request your referral agency be placed on the authorization list for web referrals
  • Complete required orientation on Making Web Referrals

Making Web Referrals Orientation

We'll work around your schedule! A County employee will come to your site and walk you through the referral process using a PowerPoint presentation. The whole training takes no more than a half hour, can be given to any number of people, and once over you'll be ready to start making your own referrals.


For more information send us an email.