Public Health Nursing Quality Assurance Program

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Quality Assurance

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The Public Health Nursing Quality Assurance (QA) Unit provides consultation services to achieve an effective health care delivery system for County clinics and programs.

Vision Statement: A high quality public health clinic delivery system of care for the residents of the County of San Diego.


Public Health Services (PHS) Activities

  • Conduct annual inspection of all County Public Health Clinics
  • Collect, review and analyze all grievances and incident reports pertaining to any public health clinic
  • Review and update of PHS policies and procedures
  • Offer training to introduce and reinforce policies and procedures

Corrections Standards Authority (CSA)

  • Annual audit of local detention facilities medical, mental health, food services safety and sanitation standards to ensure compliance with Title 15 Standards
  • Results of audits are reported to the Facilities Commander, CSA, County Counsel and the Public Health Officer.