How to Apply for a New Tobacco Retail License

New Application: Choose this category if ANY of the following statements is true since receiving County Tobacco Retail License:

  • Ownership has changed (for example, existing location sold to new owner) OR
  • Type of ownership has changed (for example, from individual owner to corporation) OR
  • Location of the existing store has changed (for example, the owner moves the store to a different location) OR
  • This is a new tobacco retail store.

To complete your New Application Packet, you must do all of the following:


  1. Complete and sign the Application Form, which requests store/DBA and ownership information. To complete this form electronically, use Adobe Reader© as described above.
  2. Reviewinitial, and sign the Affirmation Formwhich helps retailers understand how to comply with all TRL program requirements. To complete this form electronically, use Adobe Reader © as described above 
  3. Pay the TRL fee of $730 (plus processing charges) using this link:
  4. Submit a copy of the current state Cigarette and Tobacco Products Retailer’s License. A copy can be downloaded as a PDF here:
  5. Submit a copy of a  driver’s license or other government ID (applies to retailers who are individually owned or are a partnership or LLC).

Once you’ve completed the items above:

  1. Submit the complete application packet here:  Please put TRL Application plus your store name in the subject line, as shown here: TRL Application XYZ Retailer.
  2. Save copy of all documents for your records.  

Retailers submitting a NEW Application should submit a complete application packet for a County TRL within five days of receiving a state Cigarette and Tobacco Products Retailer’s License.

Please note that licenses for new applications for stores located within 500 feet of another licensed tobacco retailer in the unincorporated area CANNOT be approved. 

WHEN TO EXPECT YOUR LICENSE: Issuing the TRL will take approximately four weeks after a complete application packet has been submitted.

Upon approval of the TRL application, the County will send the TRL to the business mailing address. Any changes to the information submitted on the application form must be emailed within five days of a change to

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