How to Renew a Tobacco Retail License

Renewal Application: Choose this category if BOTH statements are true: 

  • The business owner and location are currently licensed by the County AND
  • Ownership, ownership type, or location have not changed since receiving County TRL.

To complete your Renewal Application Packet, you must do all of the following:

  1. Complete and sign the Application Form. Please include your store/DBA and ownership information. To complete this form electronically, use Adobe Reader © as described above.
  2. Pay the TRL fee of $730 (plus processing charges) using this link:
  3. Submit a copy of the current state Cigarette and Tobacco Products Retailer’s License. A copy can be downloaded as a PDF here:

Once you’ve completed the items above:

  1. Submit the complete application packet here:  Please put TRL Application plus your store name in the subject line, as shown here: TRL Application XYZ Retailer.
  2. Save a copy of all documents for your records.  

WHEN TO EXPECT YOUR LICENSE: Issuing the TRL will take approximately four weeks after a complete application packet has been submitted.

Upon approval of the TRL application, the County will send the TRL to the business mailing address. Any changes to the information submitted on the application form must be emailed within five days of a change to

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Webpage last updated 9/15/2023.