Other CAP Initiatives


Resident Leadership Academy

Resident Leadership Academy (RLA) is an innovative curriculum-based training to develop local neighborhood leaders to tackle health, safety and other issues confronting their communities.  RLA was originally developed by the County of San Diego’s Public Health Services Division in partnership with Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP) as a public health intervention.   The training was adopted by CAP in 2013 as a social services intervention used to build the capacity of residents in low-income communities to advocate and engage on their own behalf for community improvements.  Upon completion of the RLA curriculum, participants initiate priority projects to improve the conditions in their community using the skills and tools acquired through the training.

The RLA curriculum covers a variety of important topics for community residents interested in leading positive change in their neighborhoods, including:

  • Principles of Community Building
  • Community Needs Assessments
  • Walkable Communities
  • Healthy Food Systems
  • Planning for Community Improvement Projects
Through a contract with CHIP, CAP continues to support RLAs throughout San Diego by offering training and technical assistance to RLA Facilitators and graduates through the RLA Council.  The RLA Council is a bimonthly convening of RLA practitioners from throughout the region to leverage and access resources, and to share lessons learned and best practices. 

The RLA Council is comprised of certified RLA trainers, past participants, and community partners who are focused on empowering residents to address their own public health issues and concerns for long-term, sustainable community change.  The RLA Council typically meets on a bi-monthly basis on the 4th Wednesday, from 1pm to 3pm at United Way San Diego (4699 Murphy Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92123).  Please contact Yeni Palomino, Program Manager, at ypalomino@sdchip.org if you are interested in attending.

For more information on RLA, please send us an email or phone 619-338-2799.

Project MOST

The Minority-Owned Support and Technical Assistance Project (Project MOST) is a pilot project administered by CAP through a contract with RISE San Diego to offer training and technical assistance to small minority-owned businesses in the Mid-City and Southeast region of the City of San Diego.  The goals of Project MOST include:

·        Increasing small business sustainability through application of proper management skills;

·        Achieving small business growth through development of a strategic plan and a business development plan;

·        Increasing the capacity for services and employment in the targeted communities.

For more information on Project MOST, please send us an email or phone 619-338-2799.

Peace Makers

Recognizing the negative impacts of gang violence in the low-income communities it serves, CAP San Diego implemented Peace Makers Community Engagement and Gang Intervention Services (Peace Makers) through a contract with the Urban League of San Diego.  The 2015-16 pilot is focused on providing community services within the Mid-City and Southeast region of the City of San Diego to build the capacity of the community to address gang activity and violence. 

For more information on Peace Makers, please send us an email or phone 619-338-2799.


Development of a skilled workforce is vital for improving a region’s economy – individuals unprepared to enter the workforce due to lack of education or training are more likely to live in poverty.  Recognizing that youth employment has positive impacts on not only increasing life-long earnings but also in strengthening individual protective factors, CAP San Diego is proud to partner with the San Diego Workforce Partnership to expand its CONNECT2Careers program to low-income youth ages 16-24.  CAP’s efforts will focus on youth from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds residing in San Diego zip codes with the highest concentration of low-income, unemployed youth.

For more information on San Diego Workforce Partnership’s CONNECT2Careers program, click here.

For more information on CAP’s involvement with the CONNECT2Careers program, please send email or phone 619-338-2799.