The Live Well San Diego Exchange


Community Action Partnership’s Live Well San Diego Exchange program provides customized training in collaborative communication skills and conflict management to target populations. The training promises to create an environment for community action and collaboration by providing “mediation” type communication and conflict management skills to individuals and organizations, to resolve disputes through non-adversarial means. The Live Well San Diego Exchange incorporates strategies that acknowledge individual experiences and base interactions from a place of commonality-respecting each issue, each person, and each perspective.


The Live Well San Diego Exchange trainings bring conflict management skills and strategies to local neighborhoods by teaching an easily learned, structured process to key community members, who can then effectively address and resolve the conflicts that occur every day in their neighborhoods, workplaces, organizations and families.


National Conflict Resolution Center - Live Well San Diego Exchange - a testimonial video featuring training participants


NCRC and Live Well San Diego Police/Citizen training - YouTube



For More Information, Contact:

National Conflict Resolution Center Main Office
530 B St., Suite 1700
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 238-2400 or (760) 494-4728
Fax: (619) 238-8041


Work Readiness Exchange (WRE)

Community Action Partnership’s Work Readiness Exchange (WRE) program provides work readiness training to current Welfare to Work (WTW) refugee clients.  The WRE program teaches conflict management strategies, communication skills, and needed job-related life skills by providing meaningful training across cultural bridges that includes culturally appropriate scenarios and references, modifying curriculum to accommodate translation of unique concepts, and adjusting delivery to allow for cultural expectations.


This program works to strengthen worker’s “life skills,” the personal qualities, habits, attitudes and social graces that make someone a good employee. In addition to work readiness skills, the WRE program builds the capacity in the refugee community to reduce conflict, avoid violence and create healthier neighborhoods.