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Privacy and Security Provisions (Article 14)

The Agency Compliance Office works closely with HHSA contractors and Business Associates (BAs) regarding our clients’ Protected Information. The Agency Compliance Office offers a variety of assistance to HHSA contractors to meet these requirements, including:

  • Training Assistance
  • Privacy Incident Coordination
  • Site visits to assist with Privacy and Security best practices
  • Routine collaboration and feedback

The below include documents related to the Privacy and Security Provisions:

HHSA’s standard Privacy and Security Provisions (Article 14) and Decision Tree can be found here:

HHSA’s Privacy and Security Provisions (Article 14) includes reference to several State Agreements, including:

In addition, some contracts may include reference to the State Agreements below:


Note that some of these agreements include exhibits that the California Department of Health Care Services has directed be kept confidential. See All-County Letter 16-09. To request a copy of these exhibits, contact us via email, or phone at 619-338-2808.