Fraud Prevention Policies


 Fraud Prevention Policies

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The Compliance Office is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Agency's Compliance and Privacy Programs, including the development of standards, training, monitoring and enforcement with the goal of further establishing San Diego as California's leading County in providing high quality, cost effective programs to patients, clients and residents.

The following policies outline HHSA's fraud prevention efforts.

  1. HHSA-M-3.1: Employee Compliance Training
  2. HHSA-M-3.2: Responsibility for Reporting Compliance Issues
  3. HHSA-M-3.3: Non-Retaliation
  4. HHSA-M-3.4: Employee Responsibility for Reporting Change in License Status
  5. HHSA-M-4.2: Screening for Ineligible Persons
  6. HHSA-M-5.2: Compliance Hotline
  7. HHSA- 5.5: Disclosures