ConnectWellSD is a County-wide effort to put Live Well San Diego into action. People need access to information so they can make choices that lead to healthy, safe, and thriving lives. And that includes information about County-provided services.

ConnectWellSD is going to increase the communication and coordination among County services. Taking advantage of new technologies, the County is building an electronic information sharing hub that will allow County staff and contractors to share information with each other and the customer in order to provide better, more efficient service. Plus, by looking at overall reports, County staff will get a better understanding of what services the community needs, and be better able to provide them.

This new technology will follow all privacy laws, and include customer authorization. And access to any information will be role-based, so workers will only see information they need to help them do their job.

While still in the early stages of development, ConnectWellSD will implement new technologies that will allow users to:

  1. Look up a customer file
  2. Make and manage referrals
  3. Produce reports from the data
  4. Set up and receive alerts about customer services
  5. Collaborate by sharing case notes
You can also search for a Provider using the 2-1-1 directory

For more information about the County’s ConnectWellSD, please call (619) 338-2036.