ConnectWellSD data sharing computer

ConnectWellSD is a County-wide effort to put Live Well San Diego into action. People need access to information so they can make choices that lead to healthy, safe, and thriving lives.

ConnectWellSD is a computer system designed to improve service delivery by creating a secure central information hub where staff can learn more about their customers and work together in new ways.

It modernizes the way County staff and contractors share and view information, collaborate, and deliver Person-Centered Service.

ConnectWellSD uses the 2-1-1 San Diego directory as a resource to find services for customers. Customers may receive referrals to/from County departments, 2-1-1, and/or 2-1-1 CIE Partners. Any information sharing follows all privacy regulations. Read the ConnectWellSD Information Sharing Notice.

For more information, please contact ConnectWellSD:

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