Anthem Blue Cross California Care/Full Access (HMO)

The Anthem Blue Cross California Care/Full Access Plan is an HMO plan. HMO's allow you to receive comprehensive coverage at set prices, called copays.

Doctors/Other Medical Care Providers:  You can only use doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies that participate in the HMO network.  Doctors who participate in the HMO network are called in-network providers. There is no coverage if you go to out-of-network providers, except for emergency services.

Annual Deductible: You don’t need to pay an annual deductible before the plan begins to pay for a portion of covered medical services.

Copays: When you receive medical care, you pay a set dollar amount called a copay. Office visit copays range from $30 for primary care to $45 for specialist visits. Preventative care is free.

Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum:  This HMO plan includes an annual out-of-pocket maximum. This is the maximum amount you must pay out of your own pocket for copays during the plan year. Once you reach the out-of-pocket maximum, the plan pays 100% of covered charges for the remainder of the plan year.


Per Pay Period Cost






Employee                 Employee                    Employee          

    Only                         Plus 1                        Plus 2 more


Anthem Blue Cross California Care/Full Access HMO


  $730.69 $1,461.35




Anthem Blue Cross California Care/Full Access HMO Summary of Benefits and Coverage

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Phone Number: 877-800-7339

Group Number: 275360H010

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